Precise Coating

Core Technology
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Core Technology

Since establishment, Koatech has been committed to Roll to Roll wet precision coating. We specializes in Slot die and Micro gravure coating, which can correspond to high-thickness, ultra-thin, high-precision and optical-grade appearance quality products. Based on the production experience of nearly 100 kinds of ODM or OEM products, we can help customer quickly achieve mass production.

Precision coating technology:

Precision coating technology:
  • Slot die / Micro gravure
  • Coating thickness 1~500um
Resin system:
  • Acrylic PSA, PU PSA, UV-curing resin, Epoxy resin, water-base resin
Coating substrate: Plastic materials :
  • PET,PI, PEN…
  • Metal materials : Copper foil, Aluminum foil
Optical-grade production equipment and environment:
  • Working area : Class 10,000
  • Coater and oven : Class 100

Technical Advantages

  • Wide range of coating thickness : 1~500um
  • Coating width can be adjusted in a wide range : 300~1800mm
  • 30-meters high-efficiency floating oven can increase production speed
  • Ultra-high temperature oven can apply to PI imidization or sintering process
  • UV curing system can be used for light-reactive resin coating
  • Stable tension control system, which can correspond to plastic or metal substrate of wide thickness range (12~250um)

Coating Performance

Application Coating product
  • Protective film
  • OCA, Optical Clear Adhesive
  • Anti-Explosion Film
  • DBEF Laminated Film
  • Hardcoat Film
  • Transparent Conductive Polymer Film
Flexible Materials
  • Colorless PI Film
  • CPIHC, Colorless PI with Hardcoat
  • OCA, Optical Clear Adhesive
Printed circuit board
  • Dry Film Photoresist
  • Dry Film Solder Mask
  • FCCL, Flexible Copper Clad Laminate
  • RCC, Resin Coated Copper
  • Lubricant Drilling Entry Sheet
  • MCPCB, Metal Core PCB
  • Coverlay
  • Bonding Sheet
  • UV Dicing Tape
  • Blue Tape
  • Thermal Debond Tape
  • Anti-Explosion Film
  • IR-cut Window Film
  • Smart Window Film
  • PPF, Paint Protective Film
  • Backsheet for Photo Volatic
  • PVF Film