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Koatech provides OEM/ODM diversified solutions with precision coating

Since establishment, Koatech has been committed to Roll to Roll wet precision coating. We specializes in Slot die and Micro gravure coating, which can correspond to high-thickness, ultra-thin, high-precision and optical-grade appearance quality products. Based on the production experience of nearly 100 kinds of ODM or OEM products, we can help customer quickly achieve mass production.

Koatech dedicate our efforts in pursuing and maintaining high quality products and production, not only to obtain customers’ satisfaction, but also to achieve continuous improvement, which are our main goals. In addition, we are aiming at developing and applying the materials of environment-friendly and energy-saving to achieve coexistence and common prosperity with the environment and sustainable development as well.
Koatech’s Technical Advantages
  • Wide range of coating thickness : 1~500um
  • Coating width can be adjusted in a wide range : 300~1800mm
  • 30-meters high-efficiency floating oven can increase production speed
  • Ultra-high temperature oven can apply to PI imidization or sintering process
  • UV curing system can be used for light-reactive resin coating
  • Stable tension control system, which can correspond to plastic or metal substrate of wide thickness range (12~250um)
Koatech Technology Co., Ltd. has high-precision coating technology and product development capabilities. We are the first domestic company to successfully develop a protective film suitable for optical grade and special functions. Because of its ability and flexibility for customized product development, it is currently in The optoelectronic industry has a certain competitive advantage and market share.
Koatech’s Coating Performance
Application Coating product
  • Protective film
  • OCA, Optical Clear Adhesive
  • Anti-Explosion Film
  • DBEF Laminated Film
  • Hardcoat Film
  • Transparent Conductive Polymer Film
Flexible Materials
  • Colorless PI Film
  • CPIHC, Colorless PI with Hardcoat
  • OCA, Optical Clear Adhesive
Printed circuit board
  • Dry Film Photoresist
  • Dry Film Solder Mask
  • FCCL, Flexible Copper Clad Laminate
  • RCC, Resin Coated Copper
  • Lubricant Drilling Entry Sheet
  • MCPCB, Metal Core PCB
  • Coverlay
  • Bonding Sheet
  • UV Dicing Tape
  • Blue Tape
  • Thermal Debond Tape
  • Anti-Explosion Film
  • IR-cut Window Film
  • Smart Window Film
  • PPF, Paint Protective Film
  • Backsheet for Photo Volatic
  • PVF Film
The customers of professional coating foundry include optical film, PCB, FCCL, solar energy and other fields. Customers are also leading manufacturers in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. Welcome to contact us.
OEM business:
E-mail:[email protected]

Optical business:
E-mail:[email protected]

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