Human Resources

Learning and Career
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Learning & development

Koatech Technology Co., Ltd has long adhered to the humanized management system, has coating precision professionals and rich industry experience, provides employees with various careers, self-improvement opportunities, so that employees can take every step of the work challenge in the ever-changing workplace. Steady growth。

  • Innovation: Koatech (KTC) stimulates the inner potential of employees through team innovation。
  • Integrity: Koatech (KTC) regards the integrity of employees as personal assets, and establishes mutual trust between organizations through candid communication with each other。
  • Excellence: Koatech (KTC) enhances the company's market competitiveness by showing outstanding talents by its employees。
  • Profession: Koatech (KTC) strengthens education and training, strengthens the ability of employees to implement professional experience and inheritance。
  • Work skills training/courses
    • New recruits training
    • Word Processing Course
    • Environmental Security/Public Security Education and Training
    • Various certifications/license courses
    • Product quality training
    • Job function course
    • Self-Growth Course
    Language training

    • Strategy planning training
    • On-the-job training
    • study group